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Advanced Primary/Critical Care Package

Advanced Primary/Critical Care Package

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Available for C3, PA, C7, PAL

The Advanced Primary/Critical Care Package offers additional automated tools and workflow solutions for common generalized scanning for FAST, eFAST, and whole-body imaging. It includes several valuable features to streamline workflows and clinical decision making.

Bladder AI* (Canada & USA only)

Achieve accurate bladder volume in seconds and expedite treatment for patients in urinary retention by minimizing steps and streamlining care.

Auto Heart Rate

Instead of using M-Mode and manually placing calipers, Auto Heart Rate analyzes the greyscale images in give a real-time heart rate output on the screen.

Auto Preset AI

Auto Preset AI uses the Clarius patented technique of recognizing anatomy at a macro level and then automatically selecting the best Preset to optimize the imaging quality. Save time and let AI guide your protocol in real-time.

† Act One™

Save time and impress patients through AI driven multimedia videos.

Additional Advanced Features and Imaging Modes:

Strain Elastography
Needle Enhance
Split Screen
Procedure Recording Mode

† Feature not available on C7 / PAL HD3
* Feature not available on C7